Router Support

We offer

numero uno services for Router installation in a network environment.

Router device is a gateway that allows a passage for data packets to travel along networks. Router installation in a network environment is very important to ensure proper internet connectivity. Here are few of the issues that are included in our support services:

Router Support

Configuration the Router Device

Slow internet connection

Dynamic IP based internet connection setup

Connecting router to a switch or hub

Troubleshooting wireless/wired connection from Router to a computer

Firewall configuration

Parental Protection for the Router

Mac Address filtering

Fixing DHCP in router

Password Protected Router

Remoter location Router management setup (if support by router)

Firmware Update of Router


Our experts can help you in all the issues that you face with your Router. On one call you can get solution to all your router related problems, for your assistance we are available 24*7.

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